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Oct 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
been pretty crowded on a number of parts trains. joining us now is bart spoke person jim allison. >> what you sing on the frontlines? >> no the lay is. that is good news you may be getting close to your fellow giants fans bejeweled it there on time. >> do you have any information about whether there may be available parking or how crowded the trains are? >> we have had reports that the parking lots and trains are fooled by the second and third stop on the line is that in your area as well? >> i have any real time information but the parking is in high demand higher than it normally is. the best advice is if you are going to go to the station and try to find parking carpool get as many as your fellow fans as you can to take one vehicle. get there even earlier than you normally would. the best solution is to get dropped off to take another train system or walk and get a little fresh air before you did on the train. >> jim what about a tip for commuters will be taking bart to and from the parade ? when should they purchased their tickets? >> you want to get a round- trip ticket when
Nov 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
was struck by a train. >> and jim allison not peproviding information. >> decision to play 12 we are four days away now from the election. voters in california will be weighing in on the presidential election but also high profile propositions on the ballot. >> let's start with the presidential election. we can't take a look here and see what we saw on the last election the west in the northeast and obama as camp. california and new york new england states and the nation's midsection we're seeing a lot of delegates for taxes going for mitt romney. there's a lot of great area especially pennsylvania ohio and florida. pennsylvania seems again present obama is corner >> i think all the polls will be tightening up. and the case of pennsylvania the numbers still are not looking really good for romney. >> lot of my left over and a lot of ads to pull because a hurricane. you can only put so many ads. john mccain did the same thing with sarah palin at the end of the last campaign. at a sort of the campaign is that do that are in a little bit of desperation of. there can expand that because t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2